Where is your water going? What is the point of breakover?

What type tip do you use and why?

When is a big tip under pumped a good idea? Say a 2″ tip @ 40 psi. We have worked so hard to memorize tips and pressures. But, there may be a BETTER way.

3 thoughts on “Where is your water going? What is the point of breakover?

  1. 2″ tip on the ladder, because if you have to flow the big pipe you need big water….It would be helpful to know the break-over points on ladder pipe/ground monitor usages to understand distances better. Lots of variables though. Log it into your pump cheat book, “you don’t have to know everything just where to find the answers”

  2. No Fogs on ladder pipes! Makes no sense. Only problem with 2 inch tip is you may not have the water to support the flow which can significantly affect your reach/penetration (rated at 1000 GPM)….which case smaller tipe size will get you better reach and penetration (although my Dept runs 2 inch tips??).

  3. you can apply this principple to had lines as well: you dont have to have a driect “line fo sight” with the stream in regard to the location of the fire…you can bounce, divert and lob your stream to a degree with a handlins that will put the “unreachable” fire out…I once heard a Fire Chief say: Become intimate with your equipment, kinda like you are with our wife…you know what works best to do what you do best…TMI, maybe

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