4 thoughts on “Vertical Ventilation

  1. There is no smoke coming from the windows, we have adequate fire through the roof, GET DOWN MY LITTLE ROOF SHEPHARDS.

  2. The roof looks well vented from the gables and from the hole on the B/C side of the roof. The hole they are cutting in the picture is just good training even though not really needed.

    Vertical vent needs to be assigned when the smoke is pushing heavy from the eaves/gables and not a lot of fire is showing. Vent on the down wind side!

  3. Haha Kevin right o- It also depends on construction too. This appears to be an older home larger dimesion lumber, low roof, easy up easy down job. Not so sure about more modern homes though…makes for a killer photo sto say the least!!!

  4. Hey Fellas, grab your 6 ft hooks and head inside to open up. Its venting its self, and the engines need the ceilings pulled to extinguish.

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