5 thoughts on “Black Fire

  1. I hope this is a training fire, which is where we get some of these great shots because in an actual fire we apply water and screw up the picture. The smoke at the bottom is starting to light but the bigger concern would be what is already lighting at the top. As to is it ok to flow water on smoke ABSOLUTELY. The problem with this smoke is if has reached other areas of the structure and does light off we will have fire through out.

  2. I will say, I have yet to take part in many fire blog discussions, however I’d like to start. This is a great website and I like the simple concept. With only 5 years in the fire service, I feel a bit green when it comes to answering questions that are probably banked in much saltier firefighters brain. When it comes to flowing water on smoke, I do think it is ok. When the heavy black fire and intense heat is pinning