5 thoughts on “Booster Back Up

  1. The first supply line should always go to the “working pumper” whether they lay their own line or the 2nd due brings it to them. Unless, of course, a relay operation is required.

  2. In this case since I know Ladder 12 was pumping the fire and only has 500 gallons, I say that the supply should go through a second engine. This would give you that extra tank of water for back up to the 500 gal without any extra connections. This particular set up pictured would have 1190 gallons of water for back up should the supply be cut off. I think even if the supply goes straight to the working apparatus, you should have the next in engine hooked to the working apparatus and in pump ready to pump its tank should the supply be cut off. You should not limit it to just the first 2 apparatus either. You should have enough trucks hooked together to provide you with enough tank water to sustain operations until 1) you re-establish a supply or 2) back your crews out. How many you use would be dictated by what kind of operation you have going and how much water you are using.

    Chief Ike, These are great discussion topics

  3. I can certainly understand your point of guarding against a potential pump failure. I wasn’t considering that. Shame on me.

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