5 thoughts on “Masking Up

  1. It really depends on the incident you’re responding to, and your response SOG’s. I’ve responded to fires on upper floors of high rises and I don’t put my mask on until I’m in the stairwell on the fire floor preparing to make attack. On the other hand, if it’s a car fire 3 blocks away, I’d like to be on air coming off the piece. I really think it depends on the type of incident and what your assignment will be once you arrive.

  2. If you know you are first due it’s ok to have your mask on(not breathing 02) ready to DW…

  3. Better yet, do you stop (while driving around out of station) when you get a structure fire call, and change into your gear on the side of the road? or drive to the scene and dress out?

  4. I say that for the Nozzleman and Ironsman it is really whatever they prefer, while enroute or at the front door. For the Officer, I say at the front door because of two main reasons. First, so dispatch and all other incoming units can hear you size up loud and clear! Second, so on your 360 walkaround you have unobstructed (not looking through a smoke stained or scratched lens of a face piece) vision of the entire fireground for those “widow makers” and such. My personal preference is we all mask up together at the front door. This provides the fireman that same unobstructed view to enable them to do their own size up of the fire building.

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