3 thoughts on “The Door Position

  1. First you contact your Local President to go beat up the Fire Chief (or person responsible) for trying to save money at the risk of sending understaffed crews to scenes. But in the meantime, the crew will have to work together to overcome this or any other obstacles.

  2. For this situation I would say the officer is the (rover/back up) inside the house and the driver is helping advance the hose to the front door staying close to the pump. When the second unit arrives the drive works on water supply from the second engine while the man power helps the first hose team.

  3. I’ve been there and as the officer I had to be the back up man and door man. That means the officer has to work his/her butt off, but you gotta do what you can to make sure they nozzle gets to where it needs to be. As you are crawling back and forth you also must maintain a proper read on the fire conditions. Being able to feel heat differences between the nozzle and the door could give you an indication of fire growth and strength.

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