FREE CFT 100 Spot “Raffle”

Going to raffle a CFT 100 Friday January 15th. It’s Free to enter. Just copy and post this link on Facebook. Tag 30 other Firefighters and Curt Isakson to be automatically entered to WIN A CFT 100. The video is short and top notch. Turn up the Volume to hear it all. 2021 will be the Biggest Year of going to the next level. Get Some!

CFT 100 Members “Commanding From The Sidelines Class”

Based on COVID, Sally, COBC, & HROC being delayed; offering spots to Commanding From The Sidelines as a

We still have a few CFT 100 spots available for 2021. They will be $1,000 until November 1. That’s a $1750 savings. To purchase all 2021 conference passes would be $2750. 5x$550. So getting the CFT 100 is a crazy deal. Video and more information at top of homepage. Thanks for supporting our mission of Excellent Fire Service Training at an affordable price.

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CFT 100 Club “Few Spots Left”

This short video explains the 5 Conferences for one low price of $1,000 for 2021.

Without the CFT 100 the current cost to register for the 5 CFT Conferences in 2021.

ODP $550, CFT Fire School $250, COBC $550 , WOFC $450, HROC $350 total cost world be $2150. So the CFT 100 is over 50% OFF with the ability to send six different people.

CFT 100 Club “Few Spots”

The CFT 100 Club is like no other training deal. Five Conferences with Five different disciplines for one Crazy Low Price. Awesome Video in link explaining. Will be doing another raffle and giving away one of the CFT 100 Club Spots for sharing this post on Facebook and tagging others. Always tag Curt Isakson to make sure you get entered to win. Copy and paste this link to Facebook on your own post. Tag ten firefighters plus Curt. Greater chance to win for others sharing yours.

CFT 100 CLUB 2021