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People Before Water, FDIC 2023
πŸ“… Wednesday, April 26
⏰ 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM
πŸšͺ Room 127 & 128

Today’s fireground requires tactics that take modern fire behavior, building construction, and response models into consideration. We must use the UL studies, Firefighter Rescue Survey results, and civilian fire fatalities data to better deploy our local fire resources to meet life safety and property loss priorities. When smoke detectors fail, the fire service cannot fail, because we are the last line of defense.

This class will provide approaches to getting the annual civilian fire fatality numbers consistently below 2,000 a year by showing you how to use data to assist us in adjusting our fireground assignments in the first five to seven minutes to remove trapped occupants sooner while still using decades of proven fireground tactics that work.

Who is Chief Curt Isakson?

Curt “Ike” Isakson is a 30+ year veteran of the fire service, professional speaker, motivator, educator, and consultant with experience working in volunteer, career, and combination departments in urban, suburban, rural, and countywide settings.

He is currently a 19 year Battalion Chief for Escambia County Fire Rescue in Florida where he has worked for the last 21 years. Before his time with Escambia, Curt was a Company Officer with the Pensacola Fire Department assigned to Heavy Rescue 31 for 9 years.

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