Benefit Conference Details

Pensacola Beach Benefit Fire Conference Attendees,
1st PLEASE let us know if you are not attending so we can free up your spot and also be properly prepared for those that will attend.
3rd There will not be SHUTTLES from the airport. The Pensacola Bay Bridge was severely damaged during Hurricane Sally and it is more complicated than normal to get to and from the airport. I encourage people that can, to get a rental car or UBER COST SHARE. The Blue Angel Cockpit next to baggage claim 3 will be the meeting point to meet up with other firefighters and coordinate UBER Sharing. WEAR FIRE DEPARTMENT clothing so others know who you are. If you you have a rental car, STEP UP and offer any available seats to those standing near Blue Angel Cockpit. Please HELP each other out in saving money and meeting new people.
4th We will not have organized socials based on COVID. We will ask everyone to properly spread out amongst all the establishments on Pensacola Beach. They are all within walking distance of the Hilton Convention Center. We can properly spread out and still get the Networking and Brotherhood necessary to stay fully motivated for the BEST JOB!!
5th Hands On Training “We feel pretty good that we will get the three story Best Western for Hands On Training” Regardless we have a large number of props to include four different types of Door Props, RIT Props, and ENGINE COMPANY PROPS! You will not need AIRPACKS. You will not need SCBA. If you are driving, Full Bunker Gear would be Great. If you are flying and bringing gear is not a big deal then bring it. If you would rather fly without gear, PLEASE HAVE work gloves, duty boots and work coat “Tough Man Coat”.
6th Hands On Tracks will be 1st come first assigned. So those that arrive Sunday will get first pick of Hands On Training. We will have check in available on Sunday for those wanting to make sure they get their 1st request on HOT. There will be plenty of outdoor options for watching Sunday Football and properly social distancing. We have requested multiple establishments to be open with big screens and outdoor seating.
7th Monday Morning will start at 0800 with Shannon Stone doing the Full Day Nuggets from the Right Seat Program. Check In will basically be open all day Monday in the Oleander room for those arriving Monday.
Check In will be in the Oleander Room at the Pensacola Beach Hilton 1st Floor A/B Corner of