CFT ODP 2021 “Price Goes Up February 1”

Officer Development Program 2021

Chief John Norman

Chief Frank Viscuso

Chief Curt Isakson

The Officer Development Program (ODP) was developed to bridge the gap in knowledge attained from academic concepts with experience based tactics and skills needed to be successful as a Company Officer and/or Chief Officer. Additionally, this program will assist any rank from firefighter to chief to ensure success with the promotional exams.

Course Objectives:

Experienced Based Fireground Tactics

Fireground Size-Up

Situational Awareness

Residential and Commercial Fires

Store Fires – Taxpayer and Strip Mall

Garden Apartment and Townhome Fires – Multiple Dwellings

Mid-Rise Multiple Dwellings 

Basement and Cellar Fires

High Rise Fires – Residential and Commercial

Building Construction

Light Weight Building Materials

RIT – Trapped Firefighter Rescue

Engine, Truck, Chief responsibilities on the fireground

Commands and Control of Collapse and Technical Rescue

Fire Service Leader traits and skills

Chief Norman

This course will cover the content in Chief Norman’s Best-Selling Book “Fire Officer’s Handbook of Tactics 5th Edition” (The #1 Used Book Used for Promotion Exams) The course is designed to be a guide for firefighters, Instructors, and fire officers who have a solid foundation in the basics of modern firefighting tactics and strategy who are looking to obtain real- world based experience for handling a wide range of specific situations.

This part of the course will be presented in two phases or sections. The first part will cover “General Firefighting Tactics” and serve as the basis for the primary department’s operations. The second part will deal with “Specific Fire Situations” and will cover the special tactics required to mitigate an array of situations through the presentation of the instructor’s vast experience gained directory through trial and error. 

Student Learning Outcomes 

After the successful completion of this course, the student will be
able to do the following:

1. Identify the specific tactics and strategies needed to handle an array a specific type of emergencies. 

2. Student will demonstrate the requisite knowledge to adapt to changing fire conditions and adjust tactics appropriately, to prevent unnecessary loss of life and property. 

3. Describe general activities, goals, and tasks associated with Size-Up activities. 

4. Describe the attack functions, methods and duties of engine company objectives.

5. Describe the support functions, methods, and duties of ladder company objectives. 

6. Identify methods for hose line selection, stretching and placement for initial attack and suppression activities. 

7. Demonstrate the ability to ensure a proper volume of water is available for fireground activities. 

8. Identify tactics and strategies for firefighting operations in buildings equipped with standpipes and sprinkler systems. 

9. Identify specific strategies for the ventilation of various types of structures. 

10. Identify specific strategies for the effective search and rescue of occupants.

11. Demonstrate an affective understanding of Firefighter survival tactics.

12. Discuss methods needed for firefighting operations in lightweight buildings, private dwellings, multiple dwellings, garden apartments, townhomes, strip malls, tax payer, and high-rise buildings.

13. Discuss the construction, renovation and demolition of buildings as related to fire suppression activities.

14. Identify specific strategies for dealing with incinerators, oil burners and gas leak emergencies.

15. Identify methods for dealing with specific electrical emergencies. 

16. Identify needs and resources for dealing with structural collapse. 

17. Describe the role of the fire officer in dealing with Terrorism and Homeland Security emergencies. 

Chief Isakson

Chief Isakson will cover “Tactics Put Out Fires” covering rural, suburban, & county fire tactics. This program will take someone of any rank to a new level in the understanding of Fireground Size Up and Assigning/Deploying the proper tactics based on staffing & available resources. Time Delayed Tactics will be covered based on the large number of FDs that have limited staffing & resources. 

Chief Viscuso

This course will also cover the content in Chief Viscuso’sBest-Selling Book “Step Up and Lead.” This part of the course is designed to be a guide for firefighters, Instructors, and fire officers to obtain a solid foundation in leadership for the modern fire department with real- world based experience for handling a wide range of specific situations. 

There is a reason why people relate the fire profession to words like courage, brotherhood, service, and respect. That reason is a clear-cut mission and decades of strong leadership.

Most corporations in America would love to emulate two things that are deeply instilled in the fire service – the brotherhood, and the respect of their customers. This book will teach you how by covering the following topics:o Thirteen Leadership traits that will separate you from the pack.

Leadership skills that will teach you how to:• Utilize the talents, skills and abilities of others,• Effectively delegate tasks,• Deal with subordinate problems,• Critique others,• Prevent freelancing,• Create a mentorship program,• Improve workplace morale,• Provide praise and recognition• Conduct effective meetings,• Tackle administrative tasks• Create programs,• Communicate and present,• Lead on the Fireground,• Set and achieve goals,• Provide exceptional customer service,• Make high pressure decisions, and • Gain a competitive advantage with promotions.

Student Learning Outcomes 

After the successful completion of this course, the student will be
able to do the following:1. Utilize the essential traits and skills that every effective fire service leader must possess2. Identify and implement the secrets of effective leadership from one of the most respected organizations in the world.

3. Prepare motivated individuals (including theirselves)who are serious about

advancing their careers and improving their lives. 

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