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“This rescue was a success of a whole company and not just an individual”
Part 1: Knowing your equipment
Yesterday, members were faced with a civilian out the window on the 12 floor of a fireproof multiple dwelling. With members going to their assigned positions a rescue was underway from 3 different locations. This was only possible because the companies on scene knew and understood their equipment.
More avenues for rescue = higher success rate!
Outcome: This civilian was saved!
Now let’s hammer home some facts here in part 1:
Knowing if your aerial ladder will make an upper floor comes down to DRILLING with it and not just TALKING about it. Constant drilling will let the company know it’s apparatus’s limitations and advantages.
All it takes is a member on any day to look at target buildings in their area and ask “will we make the 11th floor?” Or “How do we have to position our rig to make that 12th floor”
The success of yesterday’s Ladder Company chauffeur making that 12th floor came down to the training and drills their entire company performs on the regular!
“This is not luck, this is dedication!” -FFPG
For those who say “we don’t have buildings over three stories” FFPG will say “Don’t always think about how high you can go…Think how far can you go! REACH is just as important”
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Also please come back for PART 2 of this rescue!

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