Can you Carry This?

If you paid to have this, could you have it on the apparatus? So many regulations these days on what you can and can’t carry on the rig. What you can and can’t carry on the rig has totally gotten out of control. Chiefs hand cuffing motivated firefighters to be average. Are they STEALING OUR DESIRE TO Build Something SPECIAL?

What are we doing to our selves?

I get standardized Operations on the Fireground, but keeping motivated Companies from going outside the box to be ready for the WHAT IF CALL.

1 thought on “Can you Carry This?

  1. a few years back I laughed at these nozzles and even trashed them as “useless”…well I’ve grown a little and have come to realize this is a very versatile nozzle for certain applications. Under deck fires such as; off-grade houses, trailers, small confined areas charged with smoke (storage facilities, boats, subfloors), chimlees lol, etc…it makes for effective and efficient water application. Think of a SB or combi nozzle. You are “limited” on angles and such during these applications and may not get the water where you need it. The hole you create is small and causes less damage and you can apply water more efficiently. Now, you must be selective when you utilize this nozzle. I would suggest another line along side this for “insurance” or at the least a combi nozzle to retract this nozzle and change it out.

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