CFT ODP Attendee Details

1. Plan Travel with the Weather & TSA Shut downs in mind. Get to the airport early or fly standby for a earlier flight.
2. Bring your Fire Department Uniform. Monday “First Day” We request all attendees wear their FD Button up with badge. All other days are business casual. Collared Golf Shirt minimum. “National Fire Academy Dress Code”
3. Bring Workout/Running or walking gear. Will be chilly in the morning
4. Most Rooms at the Hilton will be available for an early check in on Sunday.
5. There will be a party at the Hilton Sunday for the NFL CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES
6. Class starts each day at 0800 in the Big Ballroom 1st Floor of the Hilton. Class will go until 1700 all FIVE DAYS!! Please understand that class will go until 1700 all five days to include Friday. There will be a huge social Friday night for all attendees. Both Chief Norman books have already arrived at the Hilton.
7. The Hilton will have daily lunch specials for $15 that includes drink, taxes & gratuity. Excellent!! Food. All CFT Attendees wearing It’s Worth The Risk Wristband gets Hilton Breakfast for 1/2 price each day.
8. Please leave a few dollars on your bed each morning if staying at the Hilton. It goes along ways with the Hotel staff allowing us to do what we do and the rates they give us compared to other groups.
9. There will be morning workouts in the hotel gym and walk/runs for those that prefer.
10. Pack Warm Clothes. It gets COLD ON PENSACOLA BEACH in January.
11. Please text (850) 393-0581 when your plane lands in Pensacola with the number in your party needing a CFT Shuttle to pick you up. Shuttle is FREE
12. Red Fish Blue Fish “across the street from Hilton” is 2nd to Hilton for Socials and also gives Food & Discounts when wearing wristband.
13. Follow the page for updates and also CF Tactics on Facebook
14. Curt Isakson email (850) 393-0581
15. Certificates issued at 4:30 on Friday for those that had 💯 % Attendance
16. We will have nightly socails to connect with others from all over the country.
17. We will provide a shuttle to local grocery store “sunday night” for anyone needing supplies for the week.
18. If you have any questions at all please text, call, or email Curt Isakson (850) 393-0581

Shuttles operate Sunday & Saturday. If you come in early, we will try & provide shuttle

You can also post comments and questions below.