Gustin Pack “100’ Hose Bundle”

The Gustin Pack is a 100 Feet of 1.75” with a 7/8 smoothbore to extend a line “preconnect” that comes up short or beyond the preconnect “off a static 2.5 or to extending a preconnected 2.5”. Can be connected to a playpipe, break apart, wye, waterthief, or what you have to feed it the proper amount of water. We named the hose pack after Captain Bill Gustin of Miami Dade. Captain Gustin is a big believer in hose bundles for the county/suburban setting to allow a portable hose package for longer stretches. This could be for a Ranch with a long setback, garden apartments, motels, or whatever building that requires more than your typical preconnect. Below is videos of what the Gustin pack is, how to stretch, snd how to load. We have been using and teaching this for nearly ten years and love it. Not really sure how we operated without it. Please checkout videos below.