HROC 2017 Top Sponsor “Rescue Air”

Captain Mike Gagliano and Captain Mike Dugan will teach Out of Air at HROC 2017

Lost, Disoriented and Out of Air

Smoke kills. There is no way to understate the devastating effects of smoke on emergency operations. This is especially true for fires in large structures such as high rise, big box and hospitals. Join Capt. Mike Gagliano (Seattle Fire) for an in depth look at how smoke impacts firefighters and fireground operations in the world of big buildings. We’ll discuss:
• How smoke moves in large structures
• The impacts on victims and responders
• Logistical challenges that hamper air management efforts
• Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) and their role in fireground operations
As the building increases in size and complexity, firefighters must prepare for the unique challenges these structures present. Training on the front end is critical to strong operations in large structures as they are very different from our typical bread and butter house fire. This class is a great set of building blocks on which to construct your big building training.


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