Machinery Rescue Class “HROC 2017”

16-hr Machinery Rescue Operations Course: Day 2 and 3 of HROC 2017. This is separate from HROC registration and you must register at link below. You can attend HROC lectures on Day 1 or Breakout lecture on Rescue Operations. Class Limited to 40 Students.

(40 students maximum)

Day 1 will be your choice to attend Big Room with HROC Lectures or Breakout room on Heavy Rescue Operations “Lecture”, but you must be registered for the 16 Hour Man N Machine to be in Big Room or break out class on Day 1 and be in this Class. There will be no free/comp spots for this class. The Attendee roster will be exact and a max of 40 students.

Day 2

– Morning lecture reviews case histories, lock-out/tag-out, tool kits, and medical


– Morning rotations cover tool familiarization, torch use, size-up, and lock-


– Lunch break to be determined

– Afternoon rotations cover meat grinder entrapment, hand/finger entrapment, fence impalement & auger entrapment, and real machinery scenarios.

Day 3

– Roller machinery in tight spaces

– Elevated machinery rescue on a rope scenario

– Lunch break to be determined

– Press machinery scenario

– Enhanced meat grinder scenario

Hampton Inn on Pensacola Beach “next door to Hilton’ has rooms for $85 a night with free parking and free breakfast. Anyone flying will get free shuttle from airport on Monday and returned shuttle on Friday. Class limited to 40 Students

Hampton Inn Pensacola Beach (850) 932-6800 “Kelly Eddins is contact”

Link Below to register