Track 5 Dennis LeGear “No Gear”

Handlines; from Rig to Seat of Fire

A detailed look at Handline Hose, Handline Nozzle Selection and Handline Fire Stream Development / Application.
This class will look at all the items that go into gold standard simple critical handline flow, areas discussed in detail will be:

Hose construction/design (Tru Hose Concept)
Nozzle construction/design (CVSS, Solid Tip and Automatic) Pros and Cons
Needed Handline flow a review of the Iowa and NFA flow formulas
Handline Fire Stream effective reach, foot print of extinguishment
Stream Air Entertainment (What is the new UL understanding shedding light on?)
Water dispersal/mapping (Can we really wet adequately from the exterior?)
Playing of the handline stream the when and why? (Overhead, O, T, Z, I)
Impacts of Wye Operations (Line Commitment and Responsibility)
Standpipe design impacts on SP attack packages as it relates to smaller hose line, what are the limits factors?
Attendees should be able walk away with a better understanding of the complex thoughts of design spec and layout of equipment as it relates to handline fire stream development. This will include a understanding of stream selection and its impacts. This deeper understanding will provide the insight needed to make wise decisions as it relates to purchasing of new equipment whether it is replacement equipment or entirely new significant change over current equipment.