HROC 2016 Details

We will be posting short vidros all week.

Free Shuttle from airport to Pensacola Beach is sponsored by HROC & Fire Training Resources. There will be 12 passengers vans sitting just outside baggage claim 3 at the Pensacola Airport. If one is not there, just wait and it will be back shortly. We have a Great Week Lined Up. Socials Each night with 20% off at most of stablishments if wearing the HROC WRISTBAND.

ALL ATTENDEES can pick up Track Selection sheet from front desk at the Hilton on Monday. The earlier you turn this sheet in, the better chance you will get the Track you want. Day 1 and 2 will all be in the BIG ROOM on the firsr floor of Hilton. Captain Bill Gustin will open HROC 2016 at 0800 on Tuesday with a Keynote on being a Lifetime Student of the Fire Service. With over 40 years of experience and still studying this job daily he is the man to deliver this most important message.

Day 3 Track Options

Track 1 Urban Standpipe Operations

Track 2 Suburban/Coastal Standpipe Operations

Track 3 High Rise Firefighting Tactical Options “FDNY STYLE”

Track 4 Firefighter Track “Forcible Entry, RIT, Search, Survival, Hoseline Operations”

Track 5 Command & Control ” No Gear”

Track 6 Hose & Nozzle Operations “No Gear” Good Class for Drivers.