HROC 2016 Stretching & Flowing

The Fourth Annual High Rise Operations Conference is almost SOLD OUT!  Less than 50 Spots Left. Will be the Biggest and Best Year so far.

Free Shuttle from Pensacola Airport and Back. FREE BEER  and Great Food Specials each day. Rooms at the Pensacola Beach Hilton Convention Center for $95 a night using GROUP CODE “PBH” (850) 916-2999 mention High Rise Conference when booking. The Hilton is almost SOLD OUT so reserve room asap. They do not charge for room until you stay. Free to reserve.

LA HR Fire

Day 1  Lecture All Day

Opening  Curt Isakson

Keynote-Bill Gustin, Miami Dade

High Rise/Standpipe  Fire Tactics “Numerous Speakers throughout the day”

Day 2 Lecture All Day

Opening Curt Isakson

Keynote Jim McCormack, FDTN & Indianapolis Fire Department

Mid-Rise, Low Rise/Standpipe Operations in all buildings, Search & Truck Functions

Day 3  Hands-On Tracks and Command & Control Track

Attendees will select track on Day 1

Firefighter Track, Officer Track, Chief Track, Urban Operations Track, Suburban Operations Track, Survival Track.

List of some of the Speakers/Instructors for HROC 2016.

Ray McCormack, FDNY

Bill Gustin, Miami Dade

Dave McGrail, Denver

Kevin Story, Houston

Jerry Tracy, FDNY

Rick Kolomay, Carol Stream

Mike Lombardo, FDTN & Buffalo

Jim McCormack, FDTN & Indianapolis

Bob Morris, FDNY

Mike Ciampo, FDNY

Tim Klett, FDTN & FDNY

Daryl Liggins, OakLand

Dennis LeGear, Oakland

Bob Pressler, FDTN & FDNY

Steve Robertson, Columbus

Eddie Farley, Pittsburgh

James Ellis, Pittsburgh

Gabe Angemi, Camden

Curt Isakson, Escambia

and many more not listed.

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