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  1. Flying from DCA-ATL then from ATL-PNS. Arrive at 2041 hrs. Have total of 2 personnel.

  2. I’ll find my own way to the hotel. I’m coming from Toronto Canada and will be renting a car. Thanks

  3. Due to arrive November 30 at PNS – 1700 hours on Jet Blue #5461 from Orlando (originating in Boston). Just one attendee. Thanks.

  4. to whom it may concern:

    my name is Zach King and I am not sure how or who to get a hold of but I am in need of canceling my registration to HROC 2015. Unfortunately I have had some family issues that are need of attending to and will not be able to make it. I am not looking for a refund, although it would be nice I understand that I am canceling late in the game and am willing to gift my spot to someone who wants in.

    Please let me know if there is anything I need or can do.

    thank you for your time Zach King

    On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 7:54 AM, WordPress.com wrote:

    > countyfiretactics posted: “We need you to comment here with your arrival > time, how many, & where your arriving from for a ride on the FREE HROC > SHUTTLE. “

  5. Arriving at 1850 ride for 2 Pensacola airport southwest airlines on Nov 30th

  6. 1 Attendee arriving 11/30 – Flying from Manchester, NH to Orlando then on to PNS on Silver Airways flight 61
    Orlando MCO 4:38pm (local time) – Pensacola PNS 5:40pm (local time)

  7. Aloha CountyFireTactics,

    Looking to depart on:
    Delta 836 HNL – ATL (11/29/15 @ 5:35PM)

    Arriving on:
    Delta 2212 ATL – PNS (11/30/15 @ 8:52AM)

    Just me. Sorry but I’ll be flying standby as I work Delta PT when I’m not working at Honolulu Fire to help subsidize my kids soccer traveling expenses. I will leave another comment if my flts change as the conference gets closer.


  8. 2 people
    Arriving 1040 11/30/2015
    Flight: WN 936 from BNA to PNS Southwest
    From Philadelphia


  9. Just received word from JetBlue that my flight has changed. I am now arriving at 1740 hours (not 1700 hours as previously reported). Same flight: # 5461 from Orlando, originating in Boston. Arriving solo. Thanks.

  10. Arriving from Charlotte at 10:43 am 11/30/2015 on US Airways, originating in Pittsburgh. Party of three. Thanks.

  11. Aloha CountyFireTactics,

    Just a heads up there was a slight delay on my flt and I am scheduled to arrive about an hour later. Same flt:
    Delta Flt 2212
    Arriving 11/30 around 9:50 AM


  12. Flight changed. 3 of us were to arrive at 10:40 from charlotte, now arriving at 3:00 pm from Charlotte on Anerican.

  13. Andrew Murtagh
    San Francisco FD
    Arriving on American Airlines 2810 from DFW to PNS @1827 hours.


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