High Rise Operations Conference 2015

December 1-3, 2015 on Pensacola Beach  Class Starts at 0730 on Tuesday December 1 and Ends late Thursday December 3. You should plan on arriving Monday and leaving on Friday. There will be a HUGE Firefighter Party Thursday night.

Time is Running Out on the $250 registration and the conference is filling FAST! The Hotel is also running out of rooms. The $89 rooms are gone, but you can still get rooms for under $100. The last two years SOLD OUT!!

Contact the Pensacola Beach Hilton direct for reservations 1 (850) 916-2999 You pay after you stay “you can reserve without paying”. Code PHC

Free Shuttle to and from the Pensacola International Airport on Monday and Friday. There WILL NOT be a shuttle for Thursday afternoon/evening.

Rooms less than $100 at the Host Hotel/Convention Center.

Free Beer every night with some FREE FOOD/Dinner.

Top Senior Instructors/Speakers from all over North America

This year will also offer some Heavy Rescue Operations and The Nozzle Forward Program.

Socials for all attendees each night of conference and morning walks/runs to start the day.

The following is a list of offered topics that will be covered:

1. Command & Control of High-Rise Fires
2. Size Up and Deployment at High-Rise Fires
3. Understanding and Utilizing Built in Fire Protection Systems
4. Understanding and  Utilizing Alarm/Control Room
5. Elevator Operations and Rescues
6. PRVs and Everything that they involve.
7. Search and Rescue at High-Rise Fires
8. Forcible Entry in a Smoke Filled hallway
9. Smoke and Fire Control
11. Open Balcony vs. Enclosed Hallway
12. Fire Attack and maximizing Standpipe
13. Attack Line Options
14. Salvage and Controlling activated sprinklers.
15. RIT Operations at High-Rises
16. Standpipe Emergencies

Last Years Brochure as an example of conference schedule


We will flow WATER off the 18th Floor of an occupied Hotel. Where else can you do that? You will Hook Up, Go Up, Stretch down a hallway and through a condo suite.

Link to register