High Rise Operations Conference 2014

LA HR Fire Early Registration for $200 for Full Conference!! This will only last for a few days. Regular registration will start at $250 and late $350. This conference SOLD OUT last year.

Link to register https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=T6H8C78GJ8T6J

Price for HROC 2014 is Currently $200 for a few days and will go to $250 SOON.

The Pensacola Beach Hilton Gulf Side is the host Hotel and has plenty of rooms available for the $89 a night. Call 1 (866) 916-2999 and ask for Group Reservations. Use Code: PHR




Coming winter of 2014 on Pensacola Beach!!!

December 2nd, 3rd, & 4th. 3 days of 8 different speakers including priceless classroom & hands on information! There will be an option to pick all lectures or do both lecture and hands on as well as lectures for the Chief Officer. December 2 will be all Lecture from 8-5 with opening ceremony. There will be a Firefighter Social after class  each night, starting with Monday Night Football the night before conference starts.

Instructors; Chief McGrail (Denver FD), Lt. Mike Ciampo(FDNY), Lt. Ray McCormack(FDNY), FF Jim Smith(FDNY), Capt. Bill Gustin (Miami-Dade), BC Curt Isakson(ECFR), Capt. Kevin Story(Houston Tx. FD), Lt. Matt Negedly (Orlando FD), JJ Cassetta (Orlando FD), Mac McGarry(Key Hose) & more!

Additional Speakers this Year: Chief Kolomay and Chief Hoff, the authors of Firefighter Rescue & Survival book by Pennwell. Also Chief Jerry Tracy and Lt. John Ceriello of the FDNY.

The following is a list of offered topics that will be covered:

1. Command & Control of High-Rise Fires
2. Size Up and Deployment at High-Rise Fires
3. Understanding and Utilizing Built in Fire Protection Systems
4. Understanding and  Utilizing Alarm/Control Room
5. Elevator Operations and Rescues
6. PRVs and Everything that they involve.
7. Search and Rescue at High-Rise Fires
8. Forcible Entry in a Smoke Filled hallway
9. Smoke and Fire Control
11. Open Balcony vs. Enclosed Hallway
12. Fire Attack and maximizing Standpipe
13. Attack Line Options
14. Salvage and Controlling activated sprinklers.
15. RIT Operations at High-Rises
16. Standpipe Emergencies

All out of town attendees will be provided transportation to & from the airport! Anyone flying will be provided a SCBA however bring your mask and full bunker gear (required for full hands on portion). If you choose strictly Lecture/Command Track, gear will not be necessary and class size will be larger allowing for more attendees.

Sign up now early registration $200- then the price will go up to $250 for normal and $350. Conference limited to 300!

Hotel Reservation are available at a rate of $89. The Hotels will be easy to book with plenty of rooms available due to being our tourism off season.

This will be the foremost highrise training symposium event in the southeast in 2014!!!


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