Re-Launch of


Brothers and Sisters –

We are nearing the re-launch of scheduled for January 2014. There has been lots going on behind the scenes as we’ve been moving forward with the transfer of so much valuable information from the legacy website to the new platform. This process has provided us time to read and reflect on all the great, great articles that have been written by so many of you out there. As part of the transfer, all of the late Lt. Andrew Frederick’s articles resonated in a powerful way. Not just due to the quality of the writing, but also because of his legacy and the relationship he developed with the Fire Nuggets family.

While speaking with brother Brian Brush from Colorado about all the ideas we have and goals we aim to accomplish in the next couple years, the topic of funding, or rather lack of funding, was broached. Brother Brush suggested that we hold a fundraiser to raise some capitol to support the re-launch, which thus far has been paid for by our I.A.F.F. Local 1227 and by Union Centrics. Within a short period of time a T-Shirt and beanie design came together and is now ready for purchase.

Fire Nuggets has always been a non-profit organization in spirit and action. The founders were dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost educational opportunities to all of us in the fire service. We plan to continue this mission and we want to strengthen that pillar by securing 501(c)4 status for Fire Nuggets, which should be completed by earl