Who is your mentor in life? How important are mentors? Do you mentor anyone?

men.tor: a trusted counselor or guide: also : TUTOR, COACH

I personally have numerous mentors. The one above is just who first started guiding me and counseling me in the right direction. You can have mentors in different areas of your life. I could not imagine where I would be with-out them. So, if you do not have someone as your mentor find one. If you’re not mentoring someone; choose someone to mentor.

2 thoughts on “Mentors

  1. I pick Mentors who have done anything more than me and have success.

  2. I’m lucky to have brother FWBFD BC Shannon Stone (pretty much responsible for getting me into this great career) who courageously led by example and to him I say thank you!

    Just know all you senior guys and above, YOU are mentoring even when you don’t know it! Stay the course, stay positive, and lead by example!!!

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