Commercial Building Fires

When can we go Interior on Commercial? What are the considerations? Why should we go Interior/Offensive on some Commercial Fires? Should we always go deffensive if no one is inside?

When and IF you go OFFENSIVE on a Commercial Building Fire; What are some considerations?

How many firefighters should be onscene? Should we already have RIT in place? What are your thoughts?

The Day After!

1 thought on “Commercial Building Fires

  1. Excerpt…
    Firefighter Killer Buildings: Sort of an overused term. If buildings really intended to kill firefighters we could not go shopping for the station meal. When we do not operate appropriately for the structure type and occupancy, then we get killed in those buildings. I came to this deduction waiting for two traffic lights. First traffic light I was looking at half block sized multi-story window less building and promptly in my mind declared, firefighter killer. When I stopped at the light closer to it I thought, well if it is such firefighter killer turn the engine dummy. Know the operational differences between structure type and occupancy type. You cannot use 1000 square foot Residential mentality straight across the board, it will get you killed, proven fact. Using the old residential G.P.M. theories will also get you in trouble in that same 1000 square foot residential fire. Water is not broke just be sure you bring plenty of the stuff with you.

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