Direct Water Application “The Transitional Attack”

Direct Water Application Escambia

Why does this not push FIRE? Why is it ok that FIREFIGHTERS are inside? Is this an aggressive attack?

Crew is inside making the push.

This is the Back Up Line Assisting the Interior Crew make the push on FOUR ROOMS OF FIRE.

Firefighters are inside pulling and Flowing while they open the roof. Do you think the above picture is showing an aggressive TACTIC?

Transitional Attack Taking Place in a Large City! It worked. Great call by the Battalion Chief...

Fire Out! They HIT it HARD with Engine mounted Deck Gun while opening up and making access for interior attack lines. Transitional : passage from one state, place, stage, or subject to another : CHANGE!!! Photo by: Pat Grace

12 thoughts on “Direct Water Application “The Transitional Attack”

  1. The above Fire had an Initial Attack Line Flowing over 2.5 Gallons Per Second advance through the Front Door to Control means of Entry and Rescue. Once the Line Extinguished first two rooms of Fire off hallway; the line was unable to control the two rooms at the end of hallway do to Fire Loading from Master Bedroom with addition. Command had this line control Hallway/Fire Spread. While back up line extinguished the Bedroom on the A/D corner from the OUTSIDE and the interior line continued to advance down the hall into the Master Bedroom for Final Extinguishment “word”. It WORKED and the House was saved from two lines working together.

  2. Awesome job by command and crews. Nice thinking “outside the box”. It’s time to re-think this “pushing the fire” scenerio and look at what works. Not saying that this will work everytime, but it does have it’s place. Good job!!!

  3. With proper coordination of aggressive firefighters & fire officers, this absolutely works! It’s not opposing streams as some may say, it’s two lines working in coordination with each other to knock down the fire and prevent any further extension. This doesn’t place crews in a bad position nor does it jeopordize their safety. I couldn’t agree with you more on this tactic and can relate as I had the simular situation occur twice within the last couple months. We can’t let these guys deter us from doing what is right! Keep up the aggressive yet safe fire ground operations CountyFireTactics……

  4. A few key words from above and a few I completely agree with involving this scenario;

    Coordination, Aggressive Firefighters, Coordination, Discipline, Coordination, being able to think on your feet, adapt and over come, and oh ya did I mention Coordination?

    Good post great scenario shows quality training and quality firefighters/officers can adapt tactics that are not outlined in a book, keep their crews safe and put the fire out.

  5. Aggressive : a term by uneducated firemen used to identify well trained/educated firemen in the hopes of making them look like cowboys. In reality these are not aggressive firemen, or tactics, they are well trained individuals, working with knowledgable leadership … a seemingly rare commodity in the fire service now a days.
    Look, this type of attack has been around for years, it is used primarily by men who have enough knowledge, and understanding to be aware that this tactic (like any other) has it’s place. It is used when fire needs to be darkened down/kept in check, while the primary attack regroups, or is initiated … great job on this fire.
    I’ll be honest … it’s fucking refreshing to hear men who know what the hell they are talking about (yeah, you guys up above this post), you guys sound like firemen, not people who work for a fire department. Now stop this nonsense before NFPA makes a law against doing this without a heads up display.
    Curt, see you at OFC … I’ll be on the roof, teaching the kids … stay low and stay strong brothers.

  6. LOL Ric awesome! Great meeting you and the other PBC brothers at OFC.

    This is about “adapting and overcoming” and “working smarter not harder”. Ironically me and another fireman were discussing CAFS foam and attack processes tonight about another rural fire service I am employed and how its right and its wrong on how they use their tactics(concerning aggressive use of CAFS foam from a mini pumper). Another topic for another day! Anyhow…

    The problem is the fire service wants a fix all for all circumstances, such as an “INTERIOR ATTACK ONLY” fire attack. The fact is your tactics are right and wrong, they work and sometimes don’t work, BUT it all depends on who, when, where, and how it’s applied. We must be willing to adapt and to continue to TRAIN STRONG LEADERS to determine the PROPER TACTIC for the given situation….I could go on but I won’t. Good stuff. NEVER KEEP CHANGING!

  7. Just goes to show that good tactics, training, and command all pays off where it’s supposed to. Traveling across the country and getting a chance to see how some of these other fire crews operate in northern New York has just shown me how Escambia Fire is extremely fortunate to have such aggressive tactics and training, making it what I believe to be one of the best fire/rescue departments in the country. At least that of which I have come across. I sure do miss it.

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