29 thoughts on “When do you shut the TANK to PUMP?

  1. The Only time the Tank to Pump should be closed is if you are drafting. Most pumps have a flapper valve in the intake that will shut the tank to pump off once a pressurized water source is hooked in. Also, As soon as that water source is hooked in, the booster tank should be refilled, This water could save the life of your crew. This is also why the Tank to pump should not be closed! If something happens to your water source the pump will automatically switch back to your on board water. That’s 750 Gallons (For most of us in ECFR) of water to get your crew backed out until the problem with the water source can be fixed! So, The short answer is NEVER, unless you are trying to draft.

    • Thank You, Lt. Bush. Excellent answer. I wish everyone in the FIRE SERVICE could respond this way. To many firefighters are trained to close it “tank to pump” after getting a supply. Thanks for posting a GREAT answer.

      • Thanks to Lt. Van Matre and Lt. Harrison for preaching this in the First 24 hour Pump Ops Class they put on several years ago!