3 thoughts on “LOOK real Close. What do you see? What is BAG IT?

  1. Where it has been, where it is at, where is it going, and Initial Tactics!!! What are you going to do to prevent this from getting out of hand?

  2. 3″ stretch with a Y to 2 handlines( 200gpm each) to start. Get water on the fire, get on both sides and rear of those units and knock it out!. Lot’s of K12 work
    It’s Been in one unit(maybe more)
    At the current unit showing itself
    Going to adjacent units both sides maybe across the way too!

  3. Who knew that people would use a storage unit as their primary source of shelter. Ive seen rock bands practicing for a gig inside these units as well as people who set up shop to manufacture and sell crafts or Craig’s List or Ebay stuff.
    Where there are people and power sources and fire load, there is potential for fire, and entrapment. And dont forget, just like a residential garage or attick area above the garage, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can be stored there.

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