4 thoughts on “Water Supply

  1. None. You can only get what the hydrant will provide. The 4-way valve is used to provide the ability to boost the pressure without having to interrupt the water flow.

  2. I would say 200 GPM or some were in that range. Fully tapped out and pumping you can squeeze just a little more out of the hydrant. Takes a little bit to get it set up but could be worth the time for major fires.

  3. ( Static – residual) x100
    divided by static = % drop
    10% or less– 3 more setups / 4 times the amount of water
    11% to 15%– 2 more setups / 3 times the water
    16% to 25%– 1 more setup / 2 times the water
    more than 25%– less than 1 more setup is avaiable