4 thoughts on “Offensive, Defensive, or Both?

  1. In this particular case, offensive (as pictured) is the way to go. Second due can drop a line and, depending on L12’s water level, either give them their water, connect them to the hydrant, or both. 2nd due crew can perform RIT duties, to include getting the stick up and ready to go if necessary. I’m a little curious why the driver chose to stage their piece where they did. Not bashing or playing armchair quarterback here, but I would have staged so the turntable was closer to the parking blocks on the right side of the picture. It would make for more effective use of the elevated master stream if it need to be placed in service.

  2. Without a water supply, I say initially offensive to see if you can punch the fire in the face one good time and stagger its growth at least initially until more help arrives.

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