Water On The Fire Conference 2019

August 27-29, 2019

Pensacola Beach, FL

First Two Days Lecture in the Ballroom and Third Hands-On Training

Register for Water On The Fire 2019 Conference

Hilton Rooms $155 -Hilton room link is attached to registration.

Hampton Inn Rooms $139

All new lectures for 2019 by:

  • Curt Isakson
  • Ray McCormack
  • Dennis Lagear
  • Brian Brush
  • Shannon Stone
  • Todd Edwards
  • Keith Stakes “UL”
  • Eric Wheaton
  • Steve Robertson
  • Matt Scallan
  • Ben Schultz
Brass Tacks and Harder Facts
Every Second Counts
From UL to your Department
Handline Attack Package Design
The Drill Yard
Water For the Rescue