Upcoming Dock Talk “Five Inch, Three Inch, Quints, Two Inch 1000gpm”

Dock Talk in the FUTURE about the LIMITATIONS of 5”/LDH.

ALSO THE POSITIVES OF 3” Hose as a Supply from the BANKER!!

I personally PREFER SUPPLYING a Ladder or Tower with 3”. 5” or LDH would be last preference.

If you have a Quint, go for 3” as the largest line if you have enough Engine Companies on your Box Alarm 🚨 Assignment. You can have the Ladder Position and then back stretch 3” to a Pumper or have the Pumper Stretch 3” to the Ladder. Now the pressure required for the volume is a positive. If necessary stretched two 3” lines to split the flow, while creating redundancy into your operation.

We will also talk about when to and when not to feed the Ladder via the rear direct Ladder Intake. Pros & Cons.

Quints are not the Problem. The Lack of Skills, Knowledge, & Ability are usually 90% of the problem. Lack of a diverse Fire 🔥 Service Experience. There are pros to being a Fire 🔥 Buff and seeing how others do it all over the World 🌎. Also HISTORY and how our Fathers and Grandfathers did it. Reminder that we put Fires 🔥 Out before we had 5”/LDH.

A 2” Tip at 80PSI Equals 1,000 GPM

What is the FLOW of an open end of a 2.5” Coupling Flowing at 80PSI???