Water Supply, The Banker & Account Transfers

Water Supply, The Banker (Supply Engine) & Account Transfers (Attack Engine)

The Attack Engine and The Banker must work together. The Banker Focuses on Managing the Money 💴 and we withdraw & transfer as needed. The Banker/Water Supply Company is the one that has the Main “Large Supply” coming into it and the feeding whatever other apparatus need to be fed.

Especially at a Commercial Fire 🔥 or Large Wood-frame apartment complex, that has numerous fire 🔥 companies putting water 💦 on the fire 🔥. In the Booster Back-Up, the 2nd arriving feeds the 1st Due water 💦 via a 75 foot 3 inch Feeder Line “The Green Go Line”. Most 3” lines can provide over 1,000 GPM at 75 feet, with a friction loss LESS THAN 100 psi, & some near 50 psi friction loss.

But regardless if the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th arriving lay in or lay out using LDH SUPPLY LINE, bring it into the 2nd arriving so you can top that tank off and build in a 2nd pump into the operation. This also provides the ability of a 2nd Pumping Apparatus to stretch lines off or Pump the Deck Gun. This also allows the 1st Due “ATTACK ENGINE” to focus on Attack Lines & Accountability of those firefighters, while the 2nd Arriving Driver can manage the overall available WATER 💦 SUPPLY through the intake gauges.

LDH is a hose to lay via an apparatus dropping it in the street. Try to use 3” as your main line when transferring on the Fireground and it’s under a few hundred feet. Let the PUMP DO THE WORK!!