Motivate Yourself Be Well Trained Passionate & Into the Job

Be Motivated Today, Be Motivated at Home, Be Motivated at the Firehouse, Be Motivated in Life.

Chief Isakson is OD today, not On Dock, but On-Duty. Regardless he is fired up to inspire and motivate you to be the best version of you. It is up to US, from the operations side to improve even more to reduce civilian fire fatalities below 2,000. Regardless of the scope, size, or population served by your fire department, the civilian has the same expectation, YOU WILL COME FOR THEM.

There are two motivating video’s below. The first features several quotes from Chief Frank Leeb’s Firehouse Expo keynote presentation in 2022. A second video features Chief Brian Brush’s keynote from FDIC 2023.

The following are quotes taken from the motivating video below. Many are quoted by Chief Frank Leeb, FDNY, Captain Bob Morris FDNY, and others including several brothers who are no longer with us.

  • Motivate Yourself to Be Well Trained, Passionate, and Into the Job.
  • It’s critical to understand the importance of teamwork.
  • Teamwork is one of the ingredients necessary to facilitate a high functioning team.
  • Success begins long be the alarm comes in.
  • It means being there for your fellow firefighters
  • Being a reliable teammate, Being Well Trained, Passionate, and Into the Job.
  • The civilians have an understanding that we will come for them always and an understanding that those who come for them are well prepared
  • It is about a winning mindset, playing to win on every run of every tour.
  • Your most important thing is your reputation, it takes a long time to build a good one and you can lose it very fast.
  • The highest form of praise one can give or receive is that he or she is a good firefighter.
  • We want firefighters with a can do get it done mindset.
  • No one person is as good alone as they are as a team.
  • Teamwork is the difference between life and death.

Being your best placing the civilian first, as mentioned by Chief Brush is his keynote this year at FDIC, Fire Prevention efforts have plateaued.

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  1. You can’t teach passion. Have a love for the job and the people who you protect!

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