Keep Your Tactical Options Open When Killing Fires

Water πŸ’¦ Supply is available in so many different options as previously discussed in my article entitled Fire Math, Water Supply = Booster Tanks + Hydrants + Tankers / Tenders.

Be open minded to them all; they will support your ability to kill Fire πŸ”₯. Sometimes you need to combine numerous options to overwhelm some fires πŸ”₯.

The Flush Plug in the photo above provided a water supply of nearly 300 Gallons Per Minute (GPM).

In my experience, a flush plug can usually support two 1.75” Attack Linesβ€”just an option when it’s the only option. Now with the knowledge, you can be open minded to the options; they will ALL support your ability to kill Fire πŸ”₯

Chief Ike will be back on the dock tomorrow morning bright and early to kick off the week.