Fire Attack & Killing Fire

Fire πŸ”₯ Attack & Killing Fire πŸ”₯

It’s about WATER πŸ’¦ on Burning Solid ⛽️ Fuels
But it needs to be an OVER WHELMING amount. Above is Ladder 12 operating out of a Tower Ladder that only has a 300 GALLON BOOSTER TANK!!

They used a 2.5” Line with a FLOW of 4.5 Gallons a Second (GPS). Nearly 2 Water πŸ’¦ Cans a Second

They KILLED this Fire πŸ”₯ with TANK WATER πŸ’¦. Yes a 300 Gallon BOOSTER TANK killed the FIRE.

PEOPLE BEFORE WATER πŸ’¦ is about maximizing your tank water and also getting enough firefighters to ATTACK & SEARCH πŸ‘€.

ONLY A FEW CFT50 Spots left, check for the BOX ALARM email sent out last night.