Courage & It’s Worth The Risk, Go For It & Go For It Today, Life is Short, Structure Fire Tactics in Mobile & Manufactured Homes


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Chief Curt Isakson delivers a morning video message it’s worth the risk, having courage and mobile home manufactured home structure fire strategies and tactics, building construction.

Fireground Strategy & Tactics for Mobile Home & Manufactured Home Fires

The Back Door πŸšͺ is what leads to the most bedrooms and in my experience the most number of trapped occupants between the hallway, bathroom 🚽, & back bedroom. Yes!! The Living room couch πŸ›‹οΈ, but not as many as the hallway & back part of the mobile home. More fires πŸ”₯ in kitchen area and higher probability of unstable floor by main entrance. Mobile Home, Manufactured, and Trailer Homes 🏑 is an area that we can improve in making more successful G R A BS!!! Let’s GET IT DONE!

This sunrise video was all done live from the dock overlooking Pensacola Bay from Gulf Breeze Florida, more about the message, the message can be accepted by a different messenger. Chief Isakson will inspire and motivate you continue to positively impact your fire service career, impact your personal life, impact the lives of your coworkers, impact the citizens you serve and anyone else you.