In Memoriam Capt James “Jim” Ellis Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

Team CFT and Chief Curt Isakson are saddened by the sudden loss of Captain James “Jim” Ellis, Truck 32, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire.

Captain Ellis has been part of the CFT Team since the first HROC nearly 10 years ago. His impact is substantial and will not be forgotten, he will forever be a part of our HROC cadre, and will live on forever as an Honorary HROC Instructor.

Captain Ellis’ made a life long commitment to serving and teaching others. For over a decade he was an FDIC RIT instructor. He help lay the foundations of HROC and absolutely LOVED the FIRE SERVICE.

He was soft spoken, but when he spoke, you listened to what he had to say. He was respected and very respectful of his fellow brothers and fellow instructors.

Above all Captain Ellis loved his family and leaves behind a wife and two sons. Take a few moment to reflect on the impact Captain Ellis has left on you, and read more about the impact he has made on countless others.

Read the obituary for Captain James Ellis.