People Before Water, Curt Isakson, Firehouse Vigilance Weekly Scrap #100

Firehouse Vigilance - Weekly Scrap # 100, Curt Isakson "People Before Water"

Tonight Corley Moore had a tiger by the tail as he coined the phrase … longest scrap ever for episode 100 of Weekly Scrap on Firehouse Vigilance. Two (2) Hours, Thirty Eight (38) Minutes, over Eleven (11) Hundred Comments …

On Tuesday August 10th, 2021, at 8:00 PM CST,  Battalion Chief Curt Isakson will join Corely Moore live on Facebook for Episode # 100 of the Weekly Scrap.

Chief Ike is fired up, and Corely will be adding fuel to the Fire Service Passion Chief Curt Isakson embraces, shares, and uses to inspire others.

Chief Isakson’s passion never goes out, and it has been heating up. Viewers of Weekly Scrap Episode 100 will witness a flashover and free burning event that will consume the bandwidth of Facebook for a few hours.

The CFT Team asks our followers and believers of Chief Isakson’s message to share their passion by inspiring at least one person to join in the experience of this event.

To better prepare for the upcoming scrap, start by viewing the video‘s below, and Chief Isakson’s recent articles published in Firehouse Magazine.

Firehouse Vigilance - Weekly Scrap # 70, Curt Isakson "It's Worth The Risk"

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