Escambia County GRAB!

VES Grab through back window at 10am in the morning with no reports or signs of entrapment. Always SEARCH!!! Video below is from Ladder 12 arriving with view of heavy fire in the front half of the house. Also some radio traffic. Ladder 12 came off masked up. E16 was first on scene providing Rapid Fire Attack to create and maintain survivable space. Fast Water with Rapid Entry can make the difference between Life & Death. Coming off the apparatus ready to enter is Critical with today’s Fire Environment. The Booster Back-Up allowed the companies to search sooner and put Life before Water.

Escambia Ladder 12 Arriving behind Engine 16. Engine 16 with Fire Attack on Side A and Ladder 12 providing Booster Back-Up & Search of Side C. Battalion 2 arrived just behind E16 to provide Fireground Command.

Below was posted on Facebook

Escambia Ladder 12 made successful GRAB TODAY via rear window VES. They came off breathing air. All Escambia Fire 🔥 Companies performed Awesome 😎. They all assisted. Zero Reports of anyone trapped. No Cars in the driveway and no reports of entrapment. Basically appeared no one home. ALWAYS SEARCH!!!

BOOSTER BACK-Up. 4th Due Back Stretched to the hydrant. People before Water 💦