2 thoughts on “The Truth From The Dock Video.

  1. Just want to say thanks Chief. I’m an assistant Chief for a volunteer co. The line is fighting a hard fight between the firematic and social club mentality of our department. Why do we train on that, we run mostly EMS calls. We don’t show up for drills because you didn’t tell us what drill is going to be so we couldn’t get prepared for the drill. The line including myself are now “ASSHOLES ” for wanting to train and push our members to be the best and be ready for the day the shit hits the fan. With that being said I was feeling under attack for doing the right thing, you made me realize it’s ok to piss them off and have the target on my back as long as I’m doing the right thing for the department. A side note is that when ever I feel like I don’t know which way to go I well look for a training – motivational video by yourself and others who push what’s best for the fire service. So again thank you for your positive message. One day I will make it down to FLA. For HROC or WOTF. Keep it up you do make a difference for us out here.

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