Time Delayed Tactics & Water Application Rates.

NFA Fire Flow Formula is Length Times Width, Divided by 3. So in theory if you had 12,000 sq ft of fire that would be a Fire Flow need of 4,000 GPM. Let’s put that in perspective. That’s 16-2.5″ Attack Lines Flowing 250 GPM or 8 RAMS with 1. 3/8 tip flowing 500 GPM.

Let’s up it 21,000 sq ft of fire. That’s a FIRE Flow need of 7,000 GPM or 28-2.5″ Flowing 250GPM or 14-RAMS FLOWING 500 GPM or 7 Ladder Pipes with 2″ TIPS at 80psi Flowing a 1,000 GPM each.

Also remember from Chief Clarks book to equate 1 Firefighter for every 50 GPM FLOW.

SOME FIRES ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR FIRE FLOW CAPABILITIES BEFORE YOU EVER GET THERE. This requires thought on focusing on Fire Spread Control over Fire Extinguishment in early phase of Fire Attack/Over all Fire Control.

There is still a need for RECEO.

Also remember the importance of Time Delayed Tactics.