Water On The Fire Conference Registration

All NEW LECTURES for 2019 by:

Curt Isakson, Ray McCormack, Dennis Legear, Brian Brush, Shannon Stone, Steve Robertson, Todd Edwards, Keith Stakes “UL”, and Eric Wheaton with CAN Confidence Class!!



We will have three different types of Forcible Entry Props to allow students different reps on getting the door for a more rapid INTERIOR ATTACK.



We also have Chris Martin, Jerry Herbst and all of Elkhart. This will be the most comprehensive ENGINE CONFERENCE EVER!! I mean this type of Conference has never been done. EVERYTHING WAYER ON THE FIRE!!


UL AND AT LEAST FOUR PANEL MEMBERS TO REVIEW INTERIOR & Exterior Fire Attack. Also cover Water For the Rescue and the importance of an Interior Push for LIFE SAFETY. Round table on all the UL studies the last few years to include the one on Search that just started.