Apparatus Positioning,Water Supply, Trucks,& Vertical Ventilation

It is critical that Fire Companies positon their Apparatus for the Big One on every call. Engine Companies should consider multiple Aerial Apparatus needing to position for maximum scrub area. You can STRETCH MORE HOSE, but the Ladder is only so long. WE DO NOT POSITION FOR THE STREETCH! We position for the Ultimate Fire Attack, considering all Companies capabilities. In Suburban and County FDs there is a significant need for understanding TIME DELAYED TACTICS!! Thos is Understanding that Tactics need the be completed but could be delayed based on reponse times. Also making the most of the arrival sequence and not so great water supply options. Remember that there’s a Difference between Rural, Suburban, County, & Urban Districts/FDs. Make the most of your Apparatus, stafgimg, and Calls.

Look at pictures and discuss the Engines curb side so delayed arrival of Ladder Company being able to get by and Beach it and also setting up off the fromt of the aerial. Checkout the fact that the Truck Company is breathing air and the making the most of the closest water supply. PARK THE CHIEF BUGGY OUT OF THE WAY BUT SO IT CAN BE USED FOR A COMMAND POST that can still see the BATTLEFIELD. THANKS 🙏