PLEASE READ THIS & Watch Video Link

If you watched my New Years Day video and truly don’t know what makes me tick, then I respectfully ask you read this article and watch the speech from a few years ago.

Link to speech is in the article

We need all RANKS TO GEAR UP ON THE BATTLEFIELD AGAINST FIRE!! No Rank in the Fire Service eliminates the need to wear gear.

Photo by: JJ Cassetta

2 thoughts on “PLEASE READ THIS & Watch Video Link

  1. Chief – truly inspirational video. I like
    The delivery, call me hardheaded but after 26 years in the fire service ,some of us need a guy to be as loud and as passionate in their delivery for it to sink in. Since watching your videos i have felt the urgency to get out there and train and retrain my crew. My current crew has taken it to a new level and we are spreading the word daily. I will be in pensacola for the chief norman conference and i am looking forward to meeting and hearing
    You speak. Until then Stay Safe brother. Thanks , Lt. John Benson MFD