Reverse Lay for Water Supply

Reverse Lay For Water Supply Benefits
1. Gets everyone other than Driver to the Scene FASTER
2. Leaves the Forward Lay Hydrant open for 2nd Supply
3. Keeps a more open path for later arriving Ladder and other companies
4. Only ties up Driver to get Water Supply
5. Has a Pump/all the extra stuff at Hydrant to maximize full tap and then pump it “Big Water” nearly 700 MORE GPM on this one
6. NO NEED FOR a FOUR-WAY/Hydra-assist. “Just Hook Engine Directly to Hydrant”
If you don’t agree that’s ok, just move on.
Video is narrated.

1 thought on “Reverse Lay for Water Supply

  1. I know what forward and reverse lays are I was just a little confused I guess how curt explained it.

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