Lay it and Leave it

There could be times that you stop and wrapped the hydrant without leaving a firefighter behind. This allows a later arriving company to hook the supply line to the LDH DISCHARGE on officer side and hook engine directly to hydrant for pumping the hydrant and getting a FULL TAP ON IT. Could also be hooked up and charged by an ambulance crew, off duty firefighter, or worst case like in the video, the driver rus back and hooks up. It’s much easier than trying to hand stretch 5”. Captain Gustin taught us that its really a 100 foot max that one firefighter can effectively stretch 5”. If the driver does need to back stretch, they should conside a gate valve, hydrant wrench and stretch an initial 3” for some water until a more efficient supply can be established. Remember that 2.5” and 3” was the primary means of water supply for decades. Don’t be LOCKED IN the the way you’ve always done it. Have OPTIONS! Train on what if. Make sure the driver can rapidly stretch back for an immediate water intake.

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