Booster Back Up “3rd Due for Supply”

The Booster Back Up allows you to get more personnel and tank water to the scene quicker. It’s important to understand how long your tank will last based on line selected and arrival time of 2nd, 3rd, & 4th due. FAST WATER WORKS, but don’t run out of water. Video is narrated based on
1st Engine Initial Attack Line
2nd Engine pulls past to Stretch TRUE back up line and gives feeder to 1st Engine.
3rd Catches the Hydrant and pulls in behind 1st and immediately gives feeder. Now the 1st arriving Engine has 2,250 gallons of tank water. That is 7.5 Minutes Flowing 300 Gallons a Minute or 15 Minutes Flowing one 1.75” at a 150 GPM.

The 3rd Due caught a hydrant and the driver clamps the 5” as soon as they arrive to allow hydrant firefighter to SEND FAST HYDRANT WATER. Now the hydrant firefighter can jog down to the scene and assist with completing hook ups or whatever else is needed. The 3rd Due crew can act as RIT, SEARCH, VENT, or whatever mught be needed. Just some options to get FAST WATER on a house fire, while still getting a secure water supply.