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BMSC Tactical Nuggets

Escambia County Fire Rescue


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List of Tips Learned.
1. Trianing is MY responsibility!
2. Water the Grass
3. See Something, Say Something
4. 45 degrees
5. Nozzle Reach
6. Stream Reach
7. Hose clamp is NOT an option
8. Kitty is NOT an option
9. Experience Matters
10. Black=contents, Brown=structural
11. Yellow smoke oxygen deprived
12. BAG – been, at, going
13. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
14. Don’t over look the obvious
15. Vent after water application
16. “Little Drops of Water”
17. Water Mapping
18. Wear your seat belt
19. Wear your PPE
20. Ear flap down ALWAYS!
21. Close doors stop spread
22. 1000 bees
24. Residential=Fire behavior LODD
25. Commercial=bulding LODD
26. Forcible Entry try before you pry, don’t overlook the obvious, maintain the integrity of the door, use the door the occupants use, know what’s behind the door​
27. Water on the Fire
29. Water on smoke
30. 4 ups-Listen up, clean up, step up, shut up
31. Flow Path
32. Smaller room faster flash
33. Properly dress for the party
34. TWO hands TWO tools
35. Locate, Confine, Extinguish
36. Water=Weight
38. First due “6 minutes to bingo”
39. Two lines in, one line out
40. Windows start high finish low
42. Who, What, When, Where
43. Leave this job better than you when you found it
44. Fires Hyperventilate
45. Point of no return 5 feet
46. “Voice is in the Orange button”
47. 25% LODD are responding to calls
49. What are your priorities?
50. You can’t push fire.
51. Check your nozzle in the morning
52. The nozzle will save more lives than the AED!!
53. NEVER leave the Nozzle
54. Renew your love for the Job
55. If you’re not moving you’re losing
56. Gallons per second
57. Always be prepared to work
58. VEIS- shut the door!!
59. As the first line goes so does the fire
60. 6 months is NOT 6 years
61. Take the glass before the sash
62. Learn the trade before you learn the tricks
63. Weather Matters
64. Kinks are everyone’s responsibility
65. Its you not the rig that puts out the fire
66. Wash your gear
67. Funerals are not optional, weddings are
68. Sweat the small stuff
69. Training is survival
70. In a jam 75% is on you 25% is on everyone else
71. Rookies have to ear their wings
72. Get out and learn your buildings
73. 5-10 feet of 5” to wrap the hydrant to prevent kinks
74. 360 degrees
75. Act like you want to be here
76. Use a chainsaw in a building collapse
77. Brotherhood-loyalty and commitment
78. Tool is an extrension of your reach
79. Find a mentor- inside and outside of your organization
80. Don’t stretch short
81. Accountability starts with you
82. Interior Attack is still where the most success is achieved
83. Cut the chains on the hydrant caps
84. Rehab starts before you get to the fire
85. Vent point ignition
86. Don’t buy into a bad attitude!
87. Always have two ways out
88. No excuses, do what’s right
89. Water accountability
90. This job isn’t for everybody
91. Predictable is preventable
92. Ready Drag
93. Ready Lift
94. When to call for help-disoriented/lost, trapped entangled, low on air, out of air
95. Mayday-DO NOT remove PPE, Remain calm, stay low, stay oriented
97. “Some call us cowboys, I say we’re just aggressive” –Chief IKE
98. No Freelancing
99. Curbside supply
101. Anyone can pick a photo apart, but can you see what’s positive?
102. Bumper line is an attack lin
103. You don’t need 4 way valve on reverse lay
104. FLUSH the hydrant
105. “Charge the line, Charge the line, Charge the line”
106. Make sure you have a full tank of water
107. There will be more building collapses
108. Adze, forks, Adze
109. KISS-Keep it simple stupid
110. Search and rescue-flashlight and tic
111. Domino effect
112. Door man needs to do more pulling than pushing
113. Intake zero out
114. “water on the fire, fire knocked down, fire under control, fire out”
115. Size up-CAN, BECON, PCAN
116. Excellence is an attitude
117. 3000 Americans die a year in house fires
The List above was compiled by the 32 students after three weeks of training.

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