Water On The Fire 2018 “Free Shuttle”

Still only $350

Register Today for $350 will be $450 on August 1”

Video Update Below

August 28-30, 2018


Two Days of some of the Top Engine Instructors and a Third Day Flowing Water. This Conference is a First of its kind where the total Weapon Selection of water delivery wil be covered in the classroom and outside. Students will get to use and evaluate all nozzle types and hose sizes to include TRU ID. If you are looking for the total package of understanding water delivery this is the Conference, to include Big Fire, Big Water Tactics.

Rooms at the Pensacola Beach Hilton for $150 and FREE SHUTTLE from the Pensacola airport. Attendees that fly will not need to rent a car. This is a Great Conference for FDs that will be evaluting hose and nozzle selection in the future.


Kevin Story

Daryl Liggins

Curt Isakson

Brian Brush

Ray McCormack


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